What Is a Job Recruiting Service and How Can It Help You?


An employment agency, or job recruiting service, is a firm that is hired by a company to assist in its staffing needs. A job recruitment service company will be able to fill a multitude of positions, including full time and temporary, in several career fields. When a company has a specific employment need, such as a manager or nurse, the service company finds the right individual based on a set criteria. Job recruiting services are beneficial to both the potential employee and the employer. The service company provides a go-between so companies can find quality employees, and individuals can find work based on their employment need or skill set. With the help of a job recruiting service company, you will have the opportunity to gain access to employment positions that you might not have access to otherwise. By filling out an application and providing the essential documentation to a recruiting service company, you are putting yourself in the best position to gain employment.

Signing Up With a Job Recruiting Service

Before using such services, you should understand what a job recruiting service does specificially. With recruiting services, candidates that are qualified for full-time positions are secured by a recruiting company. Such firms will recruit, screen and refer individuals to an employer to be considered for a particular position. A recruiting service is often given access to positions within a company that has yet to be advertised. As an individual looking for work, you can find better-paying positions with quality benefits by using a recruiting service. You will have access to employment positions that cannot be found in want ads or online job searches. Such positions can provide you with a permanent position within a company and job security.

When searching for employment, especially online, you have the ability to narrow down your search based on criteria. However, it can still be difficult to find employment positions that will suit your skill set as well as provide you with the benefits or salary you are looking for. A recruiting firm is a third party that works to match your skill set and long-term goals to an employment position. They do the work for you, helping to ensure you are considered for the right job.

How to Find a Good Recruiting Service

You are not limited to signing up with just one recruiting or staffing service. However, make sure that the agency you do submit an application to has been in business for a few years, has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, and that the recruiter has experience placing someone in your industry. If you are part of their new expansion and they have never placed anyone in your industry, then you should reconsider them. Secondly, there should not be a fee to apply with a recruiter.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, it is a good way to find recruiters and to network with others in your field who may have a recommendation for an agency that they found useful. Many have contact information for you about the recruiters. Many agencies also make their profile available via the web, or on various social media sites.

The Job Search

When working with a recruiting service company, you will need to provide information on your education, work experience, and so forth just as you would when applying for a position within a company. With this information, the recruiting service company can pair you with a company looking for your skills or education levels. When a business is in need of a specific employee, they will use job recruiting companies to find the right individual. The recruiter will use the information they have on file to match a potential employee with the job needed by the employer. Candidates are then sent to the employer to interview for the position.

Recruiters have the ability to open doors to positions that potential employees may have difficulty finding. While you may spend hours, days and even weeks searching for employment positions, recruitment companies can be alerted at any time to new open positions that could be a perfect fit for you. The service company will then contact you so that an interview can be set up which gets you one step closer to a new full-time job. Additionally, many companies never advertise their positions or openings publically, but rather use the recruiting agencies exclusively.

Be Open to Opportunity

When using a job recruiting service company, it is important to be open to every opportunity. You may be contacted about potential job leads that might not be of interest to you. Before saying no, consider ways in which you might move up within the company seeking employment. While the position up for grabs might not be your dream job, it could meet your skill set and offer the ability to advance in the near future. Consider your options and see how the potential position might lead you to another career or advancement. You may find that the job opening is your ticket to moving up within your career field over time.