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How to Receive Your Benefits Faster Via Direct Deposit

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Quick Tips to Overcome Unemployment in Maryland

Being unemployed is tough. It takes time and effort to secure a job, but you can succeed. Maryland residents who are unemployed can find work to support themselves and their families. To secure a job you are proud of, you must first have a great resume. Your resume is your written first impression to an employer, and wants to help you score the interview. These quick tips will help you go from unemployed to ‘When can you start?’ in no time.

Be Concise: You want to use your resume to draw the attention of the hiring manager, taking into consideration that he or she probably sees 100s of resumes each day. To stand out from the crowd, use short sentences that carry a punch by highlighting measurable accomplishments, like how many customers you’ve helped or by how much you helped increase sales.

Optimize to Get Noticed: In today’s job market, employers are looking to make their jobs easier when it comes to hiring by using computer programs to review applications. This means that an automated system could be reading your resume before anyone sees it, and if the keywords of the job posting and the words used in your resume do not match up, you could be passed over. Look over the job posting and make sure your wording matches what’s used on the description. If you use customer care, but the job description is looking for customer support, shift your language to get noticed.

Don’t Crowd the Page: White space on any page is a powerful design tool. You may have many positions you want to highlight on your resume, but instead, choose three or four previous jobs that most closely fit the requirements for the new position and focus on equal spacing between each line of your resume.