Foods to Buy in Bulk for Maximum Savings


The cost of food has been on the rise for quite some time, and many families are starting to feel the pinch when it comes to their wallets. This reality may lead heads of households to ask themselves if purchasing food in bulk is really a money saver and if so what food items are the best ones to purchase. There are many benefits to purchasing foods in bulk.

First, the price per unit is the best benefit of purchasing food in bulk. Sometimes, but not all the time, it costs less per unit when a shopper purchases food in bulk. Of course, considering it is not always true, it is best to check out the price per unit before purchasing the food item. Quickly determine what the item would cost per pound or per piece and figure out if purchasing it in bulk will save money.

Another tip to consider is purchasing store brands in bulk because they are usually cheaper than the name brand, and they are almost always the exact same item. Half the battle is knowing which bulk food items are worth the investment of time and money, and which foods you should continue to purchase as single units.

Herbs and Spices

Spices and herbs tend to be necessary in every kitchen because they have more than just flavor benefits, but offer nutritional and medicinal benefits, too. However, spices are very pricey because they are in individual packaging, often in a fancy plastic or glass shaker, which impacts the price greatly.

Spices and herbs are a lot cheaper purchased in bulk, and the other good thing is you will get exactly how much you want. For example, if you know you will use a lot of chili powder in a year, then you can purchase a large amount and avoid having to purchase the smaller, more expensive containers. However, keep in mind many spices will only last one year after being opened, so plan accordingly.

Nuts and Nut Butters

In general, nut butters will come in almond or peanut butter, but some places have started selling different types of nut butters. Bulk nut butter is usually cheaper than the same amount in a single jar. An added bonus is the bulk jar can be reused instead of creating more trash. One more great benefit is that nut butters purchased in bulk tend not to have added elements such as salts, oils, sugar and preservatives.

Plain nuts are a good snack for adults and children alike. They are a good source of healthy protein, fats, and vitamins, and they are great for filling up an empty stomach. Purchasing them in bulk is a lot cheaper than purchasing them in individual snack bags. Nuts and nut butters will store for quite some time in cool, dry locations.

Seeds, Peas and Beans

Chia, pumpkin, hemp and flax are all a lot cheaper when they are purchased in bulk from the bulk bin, and it does not matter if they are on the shelf for a year because they do not go bad very quickly. Purchasing a pound of sunflower seeds in a bag instead of the tiny packets is a lot less waste in the environment, and they are an affordable snack when they are purchased in bulk.

Peas and beans are one of the best food items to purchase in bulk. It is easier to find them in an organic version in the bulk bin, and there is a much better selection to choose from than when looking at the bags on the shelves. Peas and beans are an excellent source of plant fiber and protein, and they will fill up empty stomachs quickly.

Grains and Flours

Organic grains tend to be cheaper when they are purchased in bulk, and the selection is better than the bags in the aisles. You should look for rice and oatmeal as a staple on your shelf at home because these can be used in many different recipes, and they last for years on the shelf. However, spelt, barley, grits, bulgur, quinoa and millet are also good options to choose from that are much less expensive in bulk than they are in the smaller bags.

There are numerous different types of flours available to you in the bulk sections. Flour will last for years on the shelf when it is stored properly. Store it in an air-tight container away from damp areas, and keep it in the dark. This will make it stay fresh for a very long time.

Look out for baking soda, baking powder and sugar as other options to purchase in bulk. These all will last for a few years when they are stored properly.

Dried Fruit and Vegetables

Dried fruit is a great item to purchase in bulk. Dehydrated fruit will cut down on the packaging in bulk, and it is easier to find the organic versions in bulk. The price is much better, too. Do not forget to purchase dried vegetables, as well. They make great snacks, and they can be added to soups or other meals. They will soak up the juices and rehydrate. Dried fruits can be used as a snack alone, and they make a great additive to baking recipes.


Noodles, especially the kind with added vitamins and minerals, are an excellent staple to have in any pantry, and they are much less costly in bulk. In addition, they last for quite some time on the shelf, some even lasting for years. Just make sure to store them in a cool, dark location in an air tight container.