Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Maryland


Once you claim unemployment benefits in Maryland, it is important to understand how your benefits work. Claiming benefits for unemployment means you receive a payout for each week you file for insurance coverage. Upon receiving benefits, you agree to search for a job with the assistance of the state, if need be, and you honestly report your employment status. To learn how to claim unemployment benefits in MD, read the sections below.

The Benefits of Unemployment Insurance in Maryland

In order to coincide with federal unemployment benefits guidelines, Maryland provides qualified claimants with a weekly distribution of benefits in the form of a prepaid debit card. Unemployment benefits that have been loaded onto the card can be used anywhere that takes card payments, so beneficiaries are able to use their benefits in a variety of different places in any way they see fit. Individuals who have their unemployment benefits claim approved will receive their debit card by mail within seven days of being accepted into the program. They will also receive instructions for how to set up a personal identification number (PIN), which encourages safe use of the card by authorized users only.

In addition to claiming benefits for unemployment, beneficiaries receive assistance in searching for a new job. Once an unemployment claimant is approved for unemployment insurance, he or she will be mandated to enroll in the Maryland Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning (DWDAL) within 10 days of approval. The DWDAL offers job-related services through American Job Centers and helps its participants seek jobs that fit their skill levels. The initiative can even help job seekers develop more skills or obtain certification in their respective fields, which will ultimately make them more competitive when they are searching for new employment. As these services are completely free to those who claim unemployment benefits, it is beneficial to utilize them as much as possible, even beyond the program requirements. To learn more about the job seeking opportunities available through the unemployment program, download our comprehensive guide today.

How do unemployment benefits work in Maryland?

The Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) determines how much you can claim for unemployment insurance by considering the amount of income you earned during your base period and deducting a calculated amount from the maximum benefits amount. In addition to calculating your unemployment benefits amount by a percentage of your former income, any money you receive from a severance pay or pension payment will be factored and result a deduction in your weekly benefits payment.

Federal unemployment benefits guidelines mandate that participants in the unemployment insurance program can only receive benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks in one benefit year. A benefit year is dependent upon when your benefits were approved, and the year commences the Sunday after you receive your first benefit payment. Under special circumstances, you can learn how to receive an unemployment benefits extension if you have exhausted your benefits term. However, unemployment extensions are not always available, so you would have to speak with the DUI to determine if that is an option.

Furthermore, when you claim unemployment benefits, you must continue to report your job-seeking activities to the Division of Unemployment Insurance. If you are not actively seeking a job, and it cannot be validated by the DUI, then you will not be qualified to continue receiving benefits. It should also be noted that unemployment benefits are taxable, and therefore must be reported when filing your tax returns. In any case, if you are denied unemployment benefits, you can learn how to file an appeal in Maryland.

What is the process for filing a weekly benefits claim in Maryland?

A weekly unemployment benefits claim, also known as a weekly claim certification, is a request to receive unemployment payment for a certain week. You must be claiming benefits for unemployment every week in order to be paid benefits for a particular week after your initial claim has been approved. The weekly claim certification must be filed online. However, you can also discover how to file for your weekly benefits payment by phone if you are disabled or do not have internet access.

Your claim for unemployment benefits must be submitted before a new week begins, which is every Sunday at midnight. When you file a weekly benefits claim, you should keep track of which weeks you have filed for benefits and when you are filing for benefits each week, just in case there are errors processing your claims certification. Additionally, you cannot attempt to file an unemployment claims certification before that week’s filing period or your claim will be rejected and you will have to file again at an appropriate date. If you file too late, your unemployment claim becomes inactive and you run the risk of being disqualified from receiving more benefits. Your weekly claim for unemployment benefits will ask for more information regarding your employment status, and these questions should be answered honestly. If you provide false information or withhold information, that is considered fraud. Such an offense can result in disciplinary action. Download our comprehensive guide to get more in-depth information about the unemployment weekly filing process.